We are an organisation dedicated to making the aviation industry accessible to all.

To those outside the industry, aviation is distant and out of reach. It’s the two hours in an airport when they go on holiday. It’s the vapour trails they see thousands of feet above them. It’s Top Gun. We want to show the world that flying isn’t just a dream, it can be an aspiration, it can be a tangible goal, it can be just a qualification away. We’ll break down the barriers between you and your dream job.

We will guide you through training programmes, degree courses, and whatever else it takes. You bring the hard work and determination, we’ll bring the advice, resources, connections, and support. No matter where you come from or where you want to go, we’ll find the pathway that’s right for you.

We work across every area of aviation, visit the ‘Aviation Careers’ section to find out about all the different career pathways we offer.

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