Ryan Cawsey

Area: Engineering

"Aviation has positively been my own passion. It’s something I became very engrossed in of my own accord rather than being influenced by my family. Having been privileged enough to travel abroad when I was younger, I became mesmerised by those remarkable metal structures that grace our skies.

I have since developed my passion for aviation by joining the Royal Air Force Air Cadets, and taking up a career in aeronautical engineering. My day-to-day job is as an apprentice aeronautical engineer at Magellan Aerospace UK in North Wales. I am part of a team that manufactures high quality aircraft components for our customers, developing on the training, and knowledge I have been provided. Engineering has a myriad of opportunities, from maintenance to manufacture, and there are hundreds of apprenticeships comparable to mine that are accessible.

Having joined the Aviation Skills Partnership as an ambassador, I hope to encourage more young people to seize the various opportunities for a career in aviation, and pass on what relevant skills and knowledge I can. With that in mind, I would encourage anyone with an interest in aviation to get in touch with ASP. I also like to make the point to people that aviation is not just about being a pilot. The same goes in the civil and military world. Aviation is accessible to everyone, with any number of skills. I look forward to meeting lots of people, and getting involved in aviation events."