George Coe

Area: Operations

When I was born, both my parents worked at Heathrow airport, so aviation is in my blood. Growing up around aviation lead to my fascination with aircraft and I’ve always wanted to fly.

When I was 13, I joined my local Air Cadet Squadron. This opened so many doors for me and allowed me to progress and develop myself in many areas including those beneficial to an aviation career. I did as much as I could, taking every opportunity from camps to shooting to courses and more. This allowed me to learn about the aviation industry and improve and expand my skillset. After applying when I was 15, I was awarded an Air Cadet Gliding Scholarship in 2012. This led me to complete my first solo flight in a Grob 109b Vigilant motor gilder in under 10 hours when I was 16! My drive to having a flying career accelerated rapidly from this experience! I applied for more scholarships and was lucky enough to be awarded the prestigious Air Cadet Pilot Scheme Scholarship in 2015. It consisted of two weeks with other lucky scholars studying and training towards my first solo flight in a single engine piston (SEP) aircraft.


More good news came in the form of gaining a job working in Operations at Goodwood Aerodrome. The first hand access to a general aviation environment and many new contacts was amazing. Another set of irreplaceable items to add to my portfolio. I finally completed my Private Pilot's Licence (PPL) in September of that year. I created the information hub ‘I Want To Fly’ in the hope of helping to promote, support and inspire others into aviation careers and flying which has subsequently helped me form the partnership and become an Ambassador for the Aviation Skills Partnership.

I now work as part of the Operations & Dispatch Department within a more commercial aviation environment. Using my PPL, I've flown several aircraft types and have started to build my hours towards my next hurdle; my Commercial Pilot's Licence (CPL). I’ve also enrolled on my Air Transport Pilot’s Licence ground school course. Working, saving, studying and still taking part in outside activities allows me to continue to grow and progress. I know I'm still a long way away from my dream, but I've come this far in such a short space of time and I want to be able to help others achieve similar things which is why I’m proud to be an Ambassador!”