Kenny Drummond

Area: Piloting

"The 2005 Biggin Hill Airshow. Aged 11 I was unaware of what I was about to experience. This was to be a significant moment, inspiring my passion for aviation. Out of the clouds a Tornado F3 roared over the crowd, my hairs stood up and my adrenaline was pumping. From that moment on I had a strong urge to aviate.
I researched how to become a pilot, which motivated me through school and led me to join my local Air Training Corps squadron. The Air Cadets developed me as a person instilling in me the qualities that employers look for. I took up opportunities that were offered such as leadership courses, visiting RAF bases, meeting personnel and of course, the flying. I was fortunate enough to receive three scholarships over the years, one in gliding and two in powered flying.
I am enrolled on the BSc in Professional Aviation Pilot Practice degree programme with Tayside Aviation and Middlesex University. Tayside Aviation specifically have been excellent, allowing me to work a part-time job simultaneously whilst completing the ATPL ground school.
Financially, flight training has always been expensive, it still is, but this degree programme has made it somewhat affordable as students are now eligible for government funding. I am grateful to have been appointed as an Ambassador for the Aviation Skills Partnership and owe the organisation a great deal of gratitude as my childhood dream will soon become a reality.”