Blake Neale

Area: Piloting

I was born to fly... I've never known anything else in my life besides aviation, well nothing else so passionately at least. The whole entirety of my life has been devoted to giving my soul, body and mind into a lifetime career in aviation. I have always dreamt of being a professional airline pilot for as long as I could remember.

Literally, there is nothing I have ever wanted to do with my time on this earth more than soar the skies with a pair of RR Trent 1000 engines and 230 tonnes of metal behind me. Aviation has not been a tradition in my family's past but I know for a fact that I was born to do this, it's in my DNA.

From my earliest memory of aviation I was hooked, I would read all kinds of books on different aircraft variants, at varying age levels. Air crash investigation became my favourite television show, along with Bush Pilots, flying wild Alaska and so on... Flight simulator became my favourite pass time. Essentially anything I could get my hands on at a young age that had anything to do with aviation as well as articles on aviation safety.

I started some basic flight training at Tayside Aviation at the age of 14, which my mum bought me as a gift voucher flight for Christmas. Ever since then I would save all the money I could to get another lesson every other month. I left school in the early stages of my last year at school to pursue my piloting career in aviation full time once I had received my necessary exam grades. I then received my Private Pilots licence before my 18th Birthday. Training for my license has been one of the best experiences of my life as it was the first step of learning the basic skills of beginning to handle an aircraft solo, and gaining the professional standard of airmanship that I pride myself on.

I am now studying on the Tayside Aviation Professional Aviation Pilot Practice (BSc) Degree. I am currently in the ATPL theory stage of my training along with hour building to enable me to start my CPL, MEP IR and MCC summer 2017. Around 2017- early 2018 I would like to be employed by Tayside Aviation's Partner Airline - Logan Air, flying turbo prop airliners around Scotland and the Outer Hebrides. In the future, I aspire to fly for my country's flag carrier- British Airways, flying medium range to long haul jets globally.

I joined the Aviation Skills Partnership to encourage the youth of today to take up a career in Aviation. I believe that what the ASP are achieving coincides with my core beliefs in every way and I’m really excited to represent them in such a way that broadens the future of aviation's horizons. I also represent Tayside Aviation at pilot career events when I can and I am always willing to get involved in anything aviation related as much as possible. All that I want to do with the ASP is to share and expand my passion with everyone who shares my love for aviation, to help expand the company and to see the world of aviation evolve.