Etienne Brown

Area: Piloting

A GE90-115b roared past, with its distinctive moan as three hundred plus souls rode on its 115,000 pounds of thrust. They had come from the other side of the globe, travelling at 75% the speed of sound and 35,000 feet up in the atmosphere. All whilst watching a movie. So when someone asks me why I am so obsessed with aviation, I say how can you not be?

At the age of six, stuck in the usual M25 traffic, I found myself sitting underneath the approach path for runway 09L at London Heathrow. This was the first time I remember seeing an airplane in person. A British Airways 777 flew straight over the top of the car. There and then I was hooked.

From that point onwards, I did nothing but read aviation books, watch Air Crash Investigation, and play Flight simulator, although not understanding an autopilot was slightly detrimental to my 7 hour Atlantic crossings.

I studied Aviation operations at college, which covered all aspects of the industry from economics to customer service, flights operations to human resources. The greatest thing I took from this was a greater understanding of the entire operation as a whole, which only really served to blow me away further.

I started my PPL when I was 17, which was a true challenge but an incredible experience. To manipulate the controls of a real aircraft, of real physics was on of the best moments of my life. Once I had completed the course I had grown and learned more than I could have imagined.

I am currently studying for my ATPL at Tayside Aviation on the flagship Professional Aviation Pilot Practice degree. So far, the ATPL exams have been challenging but incredibly interesting. I am hoping to fly turboprops and eventually move on to medium range jet transports, as that has always been the dream.

I joined the ASP as an ambassador to encourage and inspire people who want to work in Aviation. I want nothing more than to share my passion with others and help this great industry grow.