Inspiration is key to creating the next generation of aviation professionals. Aviation is an awe-inspiring industry, and we use a wide range of technology and techniques to show young people how inspiring it is.

Inspiration is one of the reasons that we have a full-size aeroplane and Helicopter at the International Aviation Academy – Norwich (IAAN). Having a real-life, tangible, and operational aircraft to work on is truly inspiring. It captures the imagination of potential students and reminds those currently studying what they are working towards.

We are involved with inspiring outreach projects such as EngineeringUK’s ‘Tomorrow’s Engineers’ programme which is works with schools to promote the vital role of engineers and to inspire the next generation. We are currently working with them on their annual robotics challenge, as the 2018 event will be aviation themed.


Read some of our inspiring stories below, or let us know if you have one of your own.

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  • BGA
  • Boeing
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  • CTC
  • Cosford
  • IMechE
  • RAFmus
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  • Rafayouth
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  • Operations / Crewing

    Operations / Crewing

    We are currently working closely with our partners to develop an Operations and Crewing Pathway.

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  • Airport Operations

    Airport Operations

    Our Airport Operations Pathway offers you accessible programmes and progression support from early stage interest through to starting and developing your career with an airport / airline.

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  • Air Traffic Control

    Air Traffic Control

    We are currently working closely with our partners to develop an Air Traffic Control Pathway.

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  • Cabin Crew

    Cabin Crew

    Our Cabin Crew Pathway is a unique route into a career as a Cabin Crew member.

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  • Aviation Engineering

    Aviation Engineering

    We have worked closely with our partners to develop the first aviation engineering degree courses available in the UK.

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  • Pilot


    Our Pilot Pathway is our unique programme that leads to a job as a professional pilot. We can make your dream of working on the flight deck of an airliner or helicopter, come true!  Only available through Aviation Skills Partnership (ASP).

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