Aviation isn’t an industry of elitists, it doesn’t have to be cripplingly expensive, and it’s not just about being a pilot. It’s an industry like any other, an industry that you might already have the skills for, an industry you could be working in with our help. This is what the Aviation Skills Partnership will demonstrate to the Air Cadets at the Aerospace Camp at RAF Syerston in our Aviation Skills Masterclass™ on Friday 26th of August.

Aviation is about teamwork. Through our hands-on, activity-based workshop, the air cadets will learn that everyone has a vital role to play in the safe operation of an aircraft. Each cadet will have the opportunity to take on a role from the six areas of aviation…



…and at the end of the session there will be a small awards presentation in recognition of outstanding work and the most successful operating platform.

While their feet may stay firmly on the ground, the cadets will be developing and utilising the skills which will let their aviation careers take flight. These are skills that can help them in all areas of life: communication, project management, research, analysis, knowledge and integration of skills. The Aviation Skills Partnership wants to open the doors to the aviation industry, encourage curiosity, and reward excellence.