Steven Hadley is an ASP ambassador and, at just 21 years old, is a professional pilot flying for one of Europe’s largest airlines. His blog ( has documented his journey through his aviation education and into the industry, and he has now released a book entitled ‘How To Become A Professional Pilot – Your guide to securing a career on the flight deck.’

The book is a friendly and personal guide to getting into the aviation industry. It offers a first person account of the process, with useful and detailed information about the different processes that one must go through to become a pilot. It is a welcome relief from the formal documentation that you would otherwise have to trawl through to find out about the various tests and qualifications that a wannabe pilot must undertake.

ASP are proud to continue supporting Steven’s incredible career path. He said that: “Aviation Skills Partnership has been a huge part of my journey in becoming a pilot and I owe them a great deal. The degree program offered meant that a huge amount of financial pressure was lifted when it came to funding my pilot training. I am now earning, whilst learning, as I continue to fly the airbus all over Europe, whilst completing my BSC Honours Degree in Professional Pilot Practices.”

As Steven mentions in the book itself, this guide isn’t just for young people who want to choose the right A-level subjects to become a pilot, it’s a guide that’s applicable to anyone who dreams of flying for a living.

How To Become a Professional Pilot is now for sale here.

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