Aviation Skills Partnership are pleased to welcome Lee Sutton to the ASP Team. Lee is our new Partnership Executive. He’s 19 years old, and a private pilot based at Seething Airfield, a small club-maintained airfield near Norwich Airport in Norfolk.

Lee’s adventures in aviation began at a young age, he started his private pilot’s licence training at just 15. With help from volunteer instructors, he was ready to apply for my licence a month before turning 17. His licence is dated on his 17th birthday, the youngest age possible for it to be issued. Lee says that “it was an odd feeling having a pilot’s licence a year before my driver’s licence!”

He spends a lot of time at Seething Airfield, where he and the other members all volunteer to maintain the club. Lee says that it’s “a fantastic community to be part of; it’s certainly reaffirmed my decision that a future career in aviation is for me.”

Lee has just completed his A-Levels, but instead of following the university route immediately, he’s spending his time pursuing his passion for aviation. He is helping ASP to create the world-first International Aviation Academy Norwich, sharing his passion for aviation with potential future pilots; engineers, air traffic controllers, ground crew and more.

“Being part of Aviation Skills Partnership not only inspires me even more to pursue my future in aviation; but also allows me to help others to succeed in these routes towards a life-long career.”