The ASP family is always growing, and this week we said hello to another new member of staff. Here’s what CEO Simon Witts had to say:

“I am delighted to welcome Valerija Majevska to the Team as our new Business Development Manager. Valerija comes with a wealth of industry experience built on a solid foundation of a Masters in Finance, Business and Economics from Queen Mary University of London. I am proud that ASP can attract some fabulous talent which can only help us to continue to grow and create pathways for more people to enter the great industry that is aviation. We warmly welcome Valerija to our growing team.”

But Valerija isn’t the only new arrival, ASP now have a new blog which we look forward to filling with interesting stories and day-to-day accounts of life in the aviation industry. The first post is from Valerija, and covers her first week at ASP. You can read an extract here:

“My first day started with a commute from London to Norwich, hurtling through the beautiful Norfolk countryside, working on the move, and receiving a very warm welcome when I got there.

On only my second day, I was tasked with making a very important decision: what to eat? I didn’t just have to pick for me, I had to choose which catering company would supply food to the IAAN. Catering can make the difference between an unhappy student and a happy student, so it was crucial that I make the right decision. After much deliberation, I arrived at what I truly believe is the right answer, so watch out for Sky Coffee & Pancakes, coming soon to the International Aviation Academy Norfolk!”

You can read the rest of the blog’s maiden post over at the ASP blog page here