Alongside its Annual Aviation Skills Awards (now in their second year), Aviation Skills Partnership (ASP) has decided to introduce a new ‘Special Partnership Award’. It will recognise individuals or organisations who have played a particularly significant and special role in the development and implementation of aviation skills. It will only be awarded in special cases, and is presented by the CEO, Simon Witts. The first of these awards was presented at the House of Commons during the ASP manifesto update event, where the Aviation Skills Awards were also hosted.

In the early days of ASP, an individual contacted ASP as he had heard of its work in youth and skills development. He expressed his clear passion and interest in youth in aviation through the air cadets and also for people who had little or no opportunity to be exposed to the world of aviation. On further questioning and investigation, this was evidenced by the huge amount of work with his own and linked cadet squadrons and more. However, this person's activity clearly went well above the norm and spread wider than just an individual unit or small group of people. This was also being delivered selflessly alongside a busy and demanding role.

That person was Tom McMorrow.

Simon Witts, as Founder and CEO of ASP expressed his strong desire to work with Tom which immediately led to a host of new initiatives, but little did he know how far and wide this association would lead. In the following years, Tom's truly remarkable energy, expertise, ideas, and sheer hard work have led to a solid foundation for the future youth aviation activities in the UK and beyond. Many young people now have opportunities that they would previously only have dreamed of.

Rarely has there been, or is likely to be, such a force of nature in such a humble person. To achieve so much is truly remarkable and to mark his personal contribution in a small way, ASP's first individual Special Partnership Award has been awarded to Tom McMorrow.